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15-Dec-2017 22:27

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And then we got poverty, corruption, violence, and Chávez. When I was really young, I just decided that I would let myself appear the way I was intended to appear biologically. I like to think of it more as some primordial-man thing, a natural thing, and I let it flow. I’ve got a mustache and a little patch of hair under my lip.

With his Texan-Venezuela background and trailblazing 'freak folk', the singer-songwriter, artist and model is studiously unconventional – not to mention brilliant company in an art gallery, as Fiona Sturges discovers. "Exactly."There's something of Woody Allen about the 31-year-old Banhart, both in his compulsive self-analysis and his amusing line in self-mockery.

But there is more to Banhart than music and looking pretty on billboards.

It was at the end of last year when heavy speculation began over Gorillaz fifth album; both Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn spoke candidly about getting back into the studio to create new music.

According to Hewlett, pictured with a member of the fandom, the next album will be out in 2017, with the collaborators not wanting to rush the recording process because it’s sound “really f*cking special”.

Go shop, take vacation, that shit aint happening this year.

The magazine describes Banhart as Portman‘s ‘new beaux’.

Did you experience culture shock when you moved back to the States? A lot of the things that just came out there are about 20 years old here. Am I the first interviewer to talk to a beardless you?

He has recorded with Beck and Wu-Tang's GZA, founded a record label, performed at New York's Carnegie Hall and, briefly, dated the actress Natalie Portman (she appears in the video to his 2008 single "Carmensita").

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