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23-Nov-2017 21:52

Snapchat is an application that has been created to fit in your life and you could start using this amazing application and start chating with your friends without any kind of preoccupation if somebody tries to read your messages without having your permission to check your messages on your Smartphone.Also with you can share videos and photos that are not going to be in the greatest quality but it would let you share those with your friends, and best of it is photos that are stored in the app will be deleted as soon as the other person sees it and maybe writes something about, starting or continuing the conversation in a real way.We are an amazing couple near planet Earth, I suppose it is easy to let you all guys know us in time! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER We set our wishlist, pls check it out guys!!

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Snapchat de famosos But there is more, if you haven’t seen an image, text or video sent to you then you don’t have to worry because that information would be there until you see it.

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